Find out everything you need to know about BBC's Shetland

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The new series of Shetland is well underway, and sees Douglas Henshall reprise his role as DI Jimmy Perez for the fifth time. But how much do you know about the popular BBC show? Find out everything from where the series is filmed, to the cast, to season five's story so far right here…

What is Shetland about?

Based on a series of novels by Ann Cleeves, the series follows DI Jimmy Perez, a straightforward detective inspector who lives in Shetland and shares his stepdaughter Cassie's upbringing with her real father. Speaking about his role to BBC, Douglas explained: "In terms of his character, he's not one of those haunted types with lots of problems, he's actually a straightforward man who would just like a quiet life. Perez is a slightly idealistic guy who thinks Shetland is a safe haven - a nice, safe place to raise his daughter." Each series follows a particularly grisly murder investigation led by Jimmy.


What has Shetland season five been about so far and when is it on television?

The series began with a severed hand washing up on the beach, beginning a murder investigation that turns out to be much bigger than anyone expected. Shetland will air on BBC One at 9pm, however, it is the third episode in series five so far. You can catch up on the first two on BBC iPlayer.


Who is in the Shetland cast?

Douglas is best known for his roles in Shetland as well as Primeval, where he played Professor Nick Cutter. He has also starred in Outlander, The Secret of Crickley Hall and Dorian Grey. Meanwhile, Alison O'Donnell stars as DS Alison 'Tosh' Macintosh, while Luther actor Steven Robertson plays DC Sandy Wilson.

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Where is Shetland filmed?

Although it is set on an archipelago, the series is filmed on the Scottish mainland, with most of the shots filmed in Glasgow. Scottish locations including Irvine and Ayr have also been used as filming spots. However, some scenes are indeed filmed in Shetland's capital, Lerwick. Douglas loves the area so much that he has previously opened up about filming there, telling Radio Times: "I love the people and love being there. I've been going there for seven years and every time I like it a little bit more. It's beautiful."