EastEnders spoilers: Shock return rocks Albert Square

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 25 March to Friday 29 March

Hanna Fillingham

The residents of Walford will be in for a shock next week as a familiar face comes back to EastEnders – but not everyone will be pleased. Having been carted off to Spain by Phil Mitchell following Sharon's meddling, Keanu Taylor is back – and he isn't at all happy to see Sharon. Elsewhere, Tiffany finds herself in more trouble with Evie, causing Bernadette to worry about her friend and tell Karen everything. Denise and Kim make plans for their pop-up salon, and soon bond with Karen and Mitch's daughter Chantelle – who stuns them when she reveals who her dad is. In a desperate way, Tiffany resorts to stealing money and Dot's jewellery – but is caught by a furious Sonia.


Keanu's siblings are delighted to see him back

Monday 25 March – Keanu Taylor returns to Walford

Keanu comes back to Albert Square, and his siblings are delighted to see him. Karen, however, is annoyed with her son for failing to get in touch while he was in Spain. While Sharon is happy to see Keanu back home safely, Keanu gives her the cold shoulder, and refuses to meet her – sending Phil instead. However, Sharon later confronts Keanu at The Arches, and refuses to leave without answers. Tiffany, meanwhile, is desperate to help Evie and worries when she spots the guy who previously attacked her. Bernadette catches Tiffany and finally finds out what's going on. However, while Bernadette pleas with her friend to get help, Tiffany rushes back to Evie – causing Bernadette to tell Karen everything. Elsewhere, Denise and Kim plan to impress Patrick with their salon business plan, but are shocked when they find out that he likes Mitch's idea. Patrick then tells them all that he has rented a salon for the day to test out both businesses.


Sharon wants answers 

Tuesday 26 March – Whitney and Sonia learn Tiffany's in danger

Whitney and Sonia learn just how much trouble Tiffany is in when Bernadette goes to talk to them, and she promises to try and lure her back to Albert Square. Tiffany soon arrives at the Taylor's but is angry at Bernadette when she finds out that she has been set up. While Karen supports her daughter, Whitney and Sonia do their best to get through to Tiffany, but she insists she has to find money. Sonia convinces Tiffany to stay the night, lying to her that she will find some money if she does. Elsewhere, Denise and Kim make plans for their pop-up salon, but are disheartened when Stacey refuses to be their hairdresser. After trialling out suitable contenders, the pair feel defeated until Karen and Mitch's daughter Chantelle arrives and impresses them. The pair offer her the job, but are stunned to find out that she is Mitch's daughter.


Tiffany's behaviour spirals out of control

Thursday 28 March – Tiffany steals from Dot

Tiffany continues to demand money and a worried Sonia seeks advice from Jack, but covers her identity and pretends that she is asking for a friend. Whitney and Sonia later get Bernadette to help them talk to her, but Sonia later finds Tiffany stealing money and Dot's jewellery. A furious Sonia tries to stop Tiffany, but the pair start to fight, resulting in Tiffany being locked in a room. Sonia goes back to Jack for more advice and admits that the girl she was talking about was Tiffany, but when they go back, they discover that Tiffany has escaped. Sharon's day goes from bad to worse when after her card gets declined, she learns that Keanu is winning Louise back. Unaware that Keanu has been told by Phil to protect Louise, Sharon warns him to back off. Elsewhere, the competition gets underway between Mitch and Denise and Kim's two businesses, with Mitch managing to win over more customers by the promise of free rum.


Denise and Kim recruit Mitch and Karen's daughter 

Friday 29 March – Patrick makes his decision on the business pitch

Mitch is on a high with the success of his pop-up, but a customer, Gray, soon arrives and after taking a liking to Chantelle, gives a very generous tip. At The Vic, Patrick then announces his decision on the chose business pitch. Elsewhere, Billy is touched when Adam gets him out of a tricky situation.

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