Fans left in shock by Baptiste's finale twist

Bring on season two!

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Fans have been left on the edge of their seats for the last six weeks thanks to Baptiste, and Sunday night's finale saw the biggest twist of the series yet! Viewers were left in shock after it was revealed that Julien's illegitimate son, Niels, was actually the corrupt officer all along, and ends up killing his own mother, Martha, and shooting Baptiste, after the truth finally comes out. Speaking about the fast-paced series, one person wrote: "#Baptiste amazing series!! An ending I didn't predict but what amazing actors!"


Niels was revealed to be the corrupt officer

Another person added: "The Dutch version of AC-12 are going to have a field day with Niels." However, others pointed out that they had predicted that Niels was the corrupt cop from the beginning, with one person tweeting: "Waiting for a big twist that just didn’t happen - we knew it was the son all along. What happened to meat cleaver man - very disappointing ending." Another person joked: "Glad they tied up all the loose ends... I knew Niels was dodgy!"

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The show's creators Harry and Jack Williams opened up about the twist, and explained to Digital Spy why they jumped ahead by two months at the end of the show to confirm that Niels had been arrested. Jack explained: "It just felt like if Niels was suddenly brought to justice at the end of a single day… it would take, realistically, a number of weeks at least. So actually, if you're going to do justice to that, you have to find a way, narratively, to show it... It's the Missing-style approach and it felt like it fitted." Harry added that fans might well see Niels again if he makes a season two appearance, saying: "Niels will probably have more secrets. I think this won't be the last we see of him. Unless we don't see another Baptiste, in which case we won't see any of them again!"

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