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Find out everything you need to know about Love Island’s Yewande

There's more to the 2019 islander than just a pretty face…

Jenni McKnight

Love Island has officially taken over our evenings and there's a whole bunch of new islanders that are quickly becoming our summer obsessions. While we may know what they're looking for in a partner and their biggest turn-offs, there's little discussion about their lives before entering the famous villa. Among the new batch of hopefuls looking for love is Yewande Biala, an Irish scientist who is quickly becoming a favourite with viewers. Here's everything you need to know about her…

Who is Love Island's Yewande?

Yewande is a 23-year-old scientist from Dublin, Ireland. She graduated with a first class honours degree in Biotechnology from the Athlone Institute of Technology in 2016. Documenting the momentous day with a picture of her in a cap and gown on Instagram, she said: "I'm not going to say it was easy cause that would be one hell of a lie but I did it!" 


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Clever girl!

Before entering the villa she said she wanted to prove that there are "intelligent people" on reality TV. "Every time I say that I’m a scientist, people are shocked," she said. "I think there are loads of intelligent people on reality television. Last year we had Dr Alex and the year before we had Camilla Thurlow in the villa." Despite her job, Yewande said there wasn’t "a science to finding love" and joked that if there was, she'd been reading the "wrong books".

Who is Yewande coupled up with in the villa?

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Just friends

Yewande is currently coupled up with Michael Griffiths, although their relationship is platonic, after she picked him in the initial coupling ceremony when they both failed to find romance in the first week. However, new boy Danny has shown an interest in her and they have already enjoyed a date – so perhaps a new couple is on the horizon? 

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How long has Yewande been single?


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Will love blossom with Danny?

During her date with Danny, Yewande revealed that she's been single for four years, telling him: "I think it was my choice for a while. I came out of a relationship and then after that I wasn’t interested. Obviously, I was focusing on university."

Who is Yewande's ideal man?

"Tall and athletic" are Yewande's requirements when it comes to the perfect match, which could explain why boxer Anthony Joshua is her ideal man. However, a good personality sounds like it will trump all else. "I want someone I can hold a normal conversation with," she said. "Someone that has good banter and someone that is easy to get along with and honest. Lookswise, I like them to be tall and athletic."

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Yewande suffers from trypophobia


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Keep sponges away from Yewande

Yewande revealed during a breakfast with Michael that she suffers from trypophobia – a fear of holes. She told him: "Do you know there’s some weird sponges and they have loads and loads of little circles? It creeps me out." The Association for Psychological Science describe it as "a fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps". Sufferers can experience reactions which can range from shortness of breath and itchiness to shaking in fear.

What is Yewande's Instagram and Twitter handles?

You can keep up to date with everything Yewande by following her on Twitter and Instagram @yewande_biala.

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