Love Island fans are saying new contestant Maura has saved the series

What did you think of the new contestant?

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The peaceful (and let's face it, dull) equilibrium of Love Island was disrupted on Thursday night's episode after new islander Maura set her sights on Tommy, who was previously trying to woo Molly-Mae. It's fair to say that the boxing islander was won over by Maura's direct approach, indeed, he even admitted that his head had been turned 560 degrees by the ring girl (we know, we know). As such, chaos ensued between Molly-Mae and Tommy, while Michael and Amber along with Danny and Yewande were also squabbling over the way the girls reacted to Maura and Elma's entry into the villa. Following all of the new drama, fans have joked that the sassy new islander has singlehandedly saved the show.


Maura stirred things up in the villa

One person tweeted: "Maura is the contestant I've been waiting for. Get it girl. Do it for me I'm too fat for the villa," while another joked: "Maura isn't shaking tables, she's flipping them." A third person tweeted: "BREAKING NEWS!! Maura has been rushed to hospital tonight with severe back pains after carrying the entire series of #LoveIsland 2019."

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Others also discussed Curtis' response to the drama, as he remained calm and offered his fellow contestants advice, even breaking up an argument between Molly-Mae and Tommy. One person wrote: "Can't cope with Curtis storming in like security Steve from Jeremy Kyle to split up Molly and Tommy's scrap." Another person wrote: "Curtis whenever he hears the slightest bit of arguing/drama," along with a clip which said: "You guys are in a crisis. I'm on my way." However, not everyone was pleased with Curtis mediating the drama, with one person writing: "BOG OFF CURTIS we want to see Molly Mae throw her love island water bottle at Tommy's head!"

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