EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning in danger with Tiffany's attacker

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 24 June to Friday 28 June

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders has another show-stopping week in store starting from next Monday, when Ian Beale returns to Albert Square, only to come face-to-face with his son Bobby. Things are extremely awkward between the pair, and things only get worse when they attempt to bond at The Vic. Elsewhere, Jack Branning finds himself in danger after coming to blows with Tiffany's attacker Fraser. Meanwhile, Ben and Billy try persuade Lola and Lexi to stay win Walford – but will their plan work? Jay is also stunned when he finds out just how much money Ruby has, and worries that he isn't good enough for her.


Bobby struggles to settle back into Walford

Monday 24 June – Ian Beale returns to Albert Square

Ian returns to Walford after being told off by Kathy for not getting in touch about Bobby. After coming face-to-face with his son, things get awkward between the pair and Ben suggests that they all go to The Vic to try and smooth things over as a family. However, while at the pub, Bobby is aware that the locals aren't pleased with his presence. He later finds support in a very unlikely source, but things soon become too much for him and he rushes home, wishing to be left alone. Elsewhere, Sonia is suspicious when Jack asks her how Tiffany is, and Jay is surprised to find out just how much money Ruby has, leaving him worried that he isn't good enough for her.


Jack's in for a bad week

Tuesday 25 June – Tiffany tells Jack to drop things with Fraser

Tiffany is fed up of Sonia worrying about her and tells Jack to back off and drop things with Fraser. Jack reluctantly agrees but after a run-in with Fraser at the park, he soon changes his mind. He later discusses Fraser with Muski at The Vic, but after an unsatisfactory response, he decides to take matters into his own hands and follows Fraser. Max invites Mel for a drink, unaware that it's the day of Hunter's sentencing. While she lets him down gently, Max doesn't give up, and suggests a business drink instead. Ian, meanwhile, is horrified to find out that Mx is his new business partner at the restaurant, while the Taylors prepare for Kandice's baby's christening, but as Mitch and Karen argue, Gray quickly smooths things over.


Will Lola leave Albert Square?

Thursday 27 June – Jack and Fraser come to blows

Jack and Fraser come to blows and the situation soon gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Mel puts the final pieces of her plan to get Jack's money in place, but is interrupted by Tiffany after swerving her questions, Mel is finally alone – will she go along with the plan? Meanwhile, Lola is pleased when Denise offers her a job at the salon, but when she sees Jay and Ruby having a heart-to-heart and making amends, she feels upset. Ben is later stunned when Lexi reveals she's moving back to Newcastle with Lola.

Friday 28 June – Ben tries to stop Lola leaving

Ben confronts Lola about her plans to leave Walford and pleads for one more day with Lexi. Feeling the pressure, Ben comes up with a plan to make Lola stay, roping Billy in. Ian does his best to help Bobby settle back into Walford, and suggest home tutoring. Bobby isn't impressed though, and later attempts to run away. v

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