Love Island's Maura vs. Tom: Find out exactly what went down

Just when you think the episode is over, THIS happened

Emmy Griffiths

Hello, Love Island fans who missed Sunday night's episode. Disappointed that you missed perhaps the most sensational moment in the history of television unfolding in front of your very eyes? Want to know exactly why you heard a collective gasp at around 9:55pm? Don't worry, for whatever reason you didn't watch the episode, we have all of the info on exactly what went down with Maura and Tom's argument. Also known as 'the moment Tom knew he'd blown it'.


Simpler times earlier that day

We'd had a nice day in the Love Island villa. Danny and Yewande had some drama, but the other couples seemed pretty happy, particularly when the girls took on a racy task where they dressed up as playboy bunnies and had to complete a series of challenges, which was frankly dominated by Maura. As a thumbs up for her bunny-skills, Maura GOT A TEEEEEXT which informed her that she'd earned a night in the Hideaway – the private bedroom and Jacuzzi - for just her and Tom.


Maura overheard Tom's comment

While she excitedly prepared for the evening, Tom spent some time with the lads, where Curtis raised eyebrows by slipping him a condom as they bantered about their evening. Whether his brain was taken over by the 'lad lad lad' mentality of the moment, he thought Maura would find it funny or he was just a bit of an idiot, Tom then loudly said: "It will be interesting to see if she's all mouth or not," suggesting that he expected that Maura would take their relationship to the next level in the Hideaway, despite having only kissed for the first time earlier in the same episode.

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The boys overheard the drama

Of course Maura overheard, and asked him to repeat what he'd said. After Tom repeated himself, Maura replied: "You did not just say that. Why did you say that? Did you actually just say? Wow, okay. Are you [expletive] joking? Go [expletive] yourself." Returning to the dressing room, she told the girls she wasn't going to the Hideaway anymore, while the boys cringed at Tom's spectacular fail.


Maura walked off, leaving Tom to tell the boys he messed up

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In the teaser for the next episode, Tom is clearly trying to smooth things over with Maura, while she is not having any of it. There was a huge fan reaction to the moment, with one person tweeting: "I hate to tweet about #loveisland, but that is single-handedly one of the BEST and most hilarious moments I have ever seen on this programme." Another person added: "That was absolute TV gold, with the added bonus of teaching idiots that sexually open doesn't mean sexually available. Maura continues to be my QUEEN."