EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell attacked and left for dead – with Ben, Sharon and Keanu suspects

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders are mirroring one of their most famous 'Who shot Phil' storylines next week – but this time, the Walford resident will be attacked instead. Phil has been making a number of enemies over the past year alone, so there are plenty of suspects who would be willing to hurt him deliberately – from his son Ben Mitchell to Keanu Taylor – who got Phil's daughter Louise pregnant, and possibly even his wife Sharon too! Elsewhere in the Square, Karen and Caren take their relationship to the next level, while Sharon gets her DNA results – just who is the dad of her baby?

Monday 29 July – Sharon finds out the father of her baby

Sharon gets the results of her DNA test – but just who is the dad? Elsewhere, Phil asks Ben to help him run the E20, and after agreeing to, he makes a shock discovery. Ruby, meanwhile, finds out that Stacey isn't happy with her dating Max, and determined to find out what's going on, Ruby invites Stacey and a reluctant Martin to lunch on a double date. The date soon becomes sour and Ruby confronts Stacey, causing Martin to later question whether Stacey still has feelings for Max. Despite her insistence that she doesn't, Martin asks Stacey to prove that she wants their marriage to work.


Sharon finds out who the father of her baby is

Tuesday 30 July – Phil is attacked

Phil witnesses a drunken Kat mocking him about the stolen money, and while she tries to backtrack her actions, he takes her outside and threatens Tommy – leaving Kat shaken. He also ends up getting on the wrong side of Keanu – who is alarmed to find that Phil is still involved with dodgy business contacts. Meanwhile, Sharon misunderstands a conversation with Ben and assumes Phil has told him about the will, letting slip that Keanu will now get the inheritance instead of him. Ben is not happy, and calls Keanu to meet him at The Arches. At The Arches, all hell breaks loose, and Phil's day goes from bad to worse when he finds himself seriously injured after a fight – but just who attacked him? Elsewhere, it's Martin's birthday, but after his row with Stacey, he isn't in the mood to celebrate and rushes off to work. Kush notices that Martin is feeling down and takes him for a drink, but is taken aback when Martin tells Kat to join them. After some advice from Mo, Stacey goes to spend time with Martin, but is fuming to find him celebrating with Kat. Things only get worse when Ruby and Max arrive at The Vic. Kat tries to keep the peace, but Stacey doesn't want any of it, and Martin ends up storming off.


Phil is left for dead

Thursday 1 August – Phil is left for dead

Phil is left for dead and those involved take drastic action in order to cover their tracks, but how far are they willing to go to keep their name out of the frame? Elsewhere, Bernadette is annoyed with Karen and Caren, and forces her mum to think about what she's doing. Karen is later taken aback when Caren suggests that they go back to the Taylors while everyone is out.

Friday 2 August – Karen and Caren kiss

Karen and Caren share their first kiss, while Habiba is gutted when Adam cancels their date, and things then grow awkward when he arrives at the restaurant while Honey is there. Rainie, meanwhile, is hurt when Stuart takes her to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, and explains that he is worried about her.

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