Libra forecast for Saturday April 04, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: Although you feel as if you're going round in circles, you're not wasting your time. Despite your concerns about a lack of progress, you're creating practical, liveable, positive change. It's not easy to make headway when you're dealing with complexities. It's inevitable that the path isn't straightforward; yes, you sometimes have to take sideways steps. Yet you're making measurable progress. With powerful cosmic forces giving you a boost, you'll end the week in a very different (better) place.

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April 03, 2020

There are lots of reasons why your perspective on a difficult situation is growing dim. Something is becoming more and more unsatisfactory. What's making it so difficult is that you're blaming yourself for this change. You're regretting a choice you've made and a whisper of regret is transforming into a chorus of self-criticism that's becoming impossible to ignore. The weekend brings information that will help you find perspective. Actually, you have much to be proud of.

April 02, 2020

The way we meet and greet people has changed. We're forming new relationships with neighbours who were strangers, and maintaining close relationships online. Gracious greetings and formal farewells are in the past as we contact people we haven't been in touch with, both close to home and across the globe. Although some people may be slipping out of your view for a while, today brings a behind-the-scenes insight that will help you communicate better with someone important.

April 01, 2020

When you think about how we measure intelligence, you would be forgiven for believing that the people who came up with the idea of IQ tests were not particularly bright. Just because you can sort out different shapes and patterns at speed, solve cryptic crosswords and excel at pub quizzes, if your heart isn't in the right place, what good will cleverness do? If there was ever a time when compassion and empathy were key, this is it. You can cleverly assess a delicate situation today.

Celebrity Libra

Kim Kardashian West 21 October 1980

March 31, 2020

The great Oscar Wilde said 'We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars'. While it's true that you find yourself in a less than ideal situation, it's hard to see what action you could have taken to prevent things getting to where they are. There's nothing to be gained from looking back to try to see where it all started. Yet even though it seems that a lot of things have become more complicated, and challenges abound, one constructive, positive step will accomplish a lot today.

March 30, 2020

Competition with other people spurs us on to push for higher goals and pushes us to reach for greater heights. It's easy to get so carried away that we push ourselves far harder than we might otherwise have done. Whilst this is a very successful mechanism when it comes to dealing with some aspects of life, in more sensitive areas, creating a race-like environment can have a detrimental effect. You're facing a situation that requires thoughtfulness and patience. Take your time today.

March 29, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You have an impressive skill set... and the situation you find yourself dealing with would benefit hugely from some of those skills. But, as everyone else puts possible solutions forward, your modest attempts to offer your services have been drowned out in the cacophony. Have you seen that famous picture of Lord Kitchener pointing his finger with the message: 'Your friends need you!'? It's time to speak up and get stuck in. You'll be amazed at how your efforts will be appreciated. You have much to contribute.

March 28, 2020

Your April Monthly Horoscope: April's Supermoon takes place in your sign. This is deeply auspicious. It's as if the sky is shining a light on you and singling you out for special attention. If the cosmos is able to help you to improve your life, increase your inner awareness of what you need to work towards to fulfil your dreams and deepen your understanding of key relationships, it will. What do you need to do to enable it to do its best? Just be open to accepting gifts that come your way, and be willing to share your good fortune.