Sagittarius forecast for Saturday April 04, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: Back in the days before we were all immersed in technology, life was already intense. With libraries and books to provide us with information, we were still busy and well enough informed. In the 'information age' with endless websites and social media demands, there's a limit to how much anyone can take on board. Suppose the very thing we need to see is the one thing we overlook? Argh! Instead of fitting more things in, you'll be better off not thinking so hard and trusting your instincts.

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April 03, 2020

There are moments when it seems that if we're not doing something serious, we're just wasting valuable time. That's why we get used to dealing with troubles and traumas; we almost expect life to be filled with hassle and hardship. Even in times like these, when we're dealing with high levels of uncertainty and unprecedented levels of stress, we put ourselves under pressure to develop psychological strategies that will help us cope. This weekend, a well-deserved break comes your way.

April 02, 2020

We used to think that goldfish had very short memories. This, very helpfully, allowed us to happily keep them in tiny bowls; in theory, they were unaware of the fact they had nowhere to swim apart from around and around. Of course, we still don't know for sure what goldfish are aware of. But, in these times when so many of us feel cooped up in our own version of a goldfish bowl, it might be an advantage to have such a short memory! It's safe to forget something you feel obliged to remember.

April 01, 2020

Trials and tribulations lie ahead. Difficult questions must be answered and tough choices made. But nothing is permanent; the road before us is shifting, even as we speak. A boulder that's been blocking your path is beginning to erode. Slowly, day-by-day, it's getting smaller. Eventually, you'll be able to squeeze past it with ease. Luckily, the goal you want to achieve is not yours alone; and, with the forces of the cosmos working behind the scenes, it will soon be within touching distance.

Celebrity Sagittarius

Taylor Swift 13 December 1989

March 31, 2020

The archetype might be outdated in these days of Greta Thunberg, but teenagers used to have the reputation of treating the family home as if it were a hotel. Actually, humanity mostly acts inconsiderately; we don't show our planet much respect. We act as if we know what we're doing, yet our approach is often inconsistent and sloppy. You've become aware of a problem that, with help, you'll be able to fix. If you want to bring people on board, encourage them with a carrot, not a stick.

March 30, 2020

There's a question you're burning to find an answer to. If, over the next few days, you were able to find a solution to your dilemma, you'd certainly feel more confident; yet you would also fail to fully benefit from being forced to look back and review. Real-life mysteries make us uncomfortable. We want solutions and we want them now. Yet, like it or not, they form the building bricks of our cosmos. Yes, you're being forced to think things through - but you're learning something of great value.

March 29, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You can buy long and elaborate books on how to live a good life. Some are full of wisdom and well worth a read. But you can go a long way by following a few simple principles too. Be kind to yourself and to others. Listen, and don't leap to judgment. Be tolerant and generous of spirit. Strive for peace and fellowship. Look after yourself and make time for others. You're facing your fair share of troubles. But by adopting an open-hearted approach, you can increase harmony, rescue relationships and find fulfilment.

March 28, 2020

Your April Monthly Horoscope: You're in the process of recovering from a month in which things have turned from one way to another. At one moment you were feeling proud of your achievements, and the next, doubting your abilities. Like a roller-coaster, you've been up and down and round about. No wonder you're uncertain about where you stand. April's Supermoon brings a refreshing new energy, in which you can ground yourself. As you reassess your circumstances, you'll see proof that your recent decisions have been excellent.