Scorpio forecast for Wednesday September 23, 2020

They tell us that it's not good to let our imaginations run away with us. And that may be so. But surely it's better than allowing it to run away without us! Your creative thought processes are always valuable; but today they will enable you to deal with a challenge. If you find yourself wondering whether you can trust your instincts about whether something is possible or not, look back to a recent past experience. It's down to your ability to put your thoughts into action. And you're good at that.

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September 22, 2020

Although you're keen to rise to a challenge, someone else seems to think that you're going to be biting off more than you can chew. They're so consistently pointing out potential problems that they're undermining your decision. You don't know what to do. The question, is whether they have your best interests at heart, or if they're worried that your success will have an impact on their sense of self-worth? Don't let anyone talk you out of anything today. Try to keep your own counsel.

September 21, 2020

It's all very well to say 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' - but haven't we all taken risks and received nothing in return? So, maybe the opposite is true and we should sit back and hope things come to us? Yet, we instinctively know that in order to make life work, we need to be switched on and engaged in what's happening. Sometimes, that might mean leaping into action; and at other times it might mean sitting tight. Both require bravery and conviction - and you have these qualities in abundance.

September 20, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Just as a meal without seasoning is rarely a tasty experience, there's more to life than just plodding along. The right kind of spiciness comes from having just enough stress to keep you alert and on your toes. Although you're pretty much on top of things right now, someone near at hand isn't coping so well, and needs advice and moral support this week. It's your opportunity to reach out and be a true friend. Venus's presence in a rare 'Finger of Fate' alignment is pointing the way.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

September 19, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: It's not easy to make sense of the past. Neither is it easy to see the value of what's happening in the present. But when we're able to look ahead to the future, and picture the path our experiences are taking us down, it helps us find perspective. Without all that you've been through (including the challenges) how could you get to where you want to be? Take a good look at what's going on in your life this Equinox week. It brings possibilities that will restore your faith in cosmic magic.

September 18, 2020

While scientists think The Big Bang created the universe, the Bible says, 'in the beginning was the Word'. Even though these two notions seem to be polar opposites, perhaps they have more in common than we think. Maybe that word was spoken with such force it had an effect similar to a big bang! If you find yourself having to deal with a disagreement over the origins of an idea this weekend, remember that the most important thing is where it's going, rather than where it started.

September 17, 2020

When the crime writer Agatha Christie wrote her murder mysteries the finales tended to be uncomplicated events. The characters would be called into one of the rooms of a large house, where the detective would skilfully reimagine events in a way that teased everyone present, until the identity of the murderer was revealed. It's a much more complex process nowadays! If you find yourself involved in a tricky situation, the New Moon brings you the power to set things straight.

September 16, 2020

An awkward experience is looming. It feels as if you're being summoned to the boss' office, where you'll have to answer tricky questions and explain your actions. There's no getting out of it, nor will you be in control of its contents. It could go either of two ways; either you're going to end up being reprimanded, or congratulated. It's impossible to tell. You don't think you've done anything wrong, but neither do you think you've done anything particularly right! The truth is that you've got nothing to fear.

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