Virgo forecast for Thursday November 14, 2019

No one else can walk in your shoes, or know exactly how you're feeling. You're special and unique. That's why you should trust your own reading of events and steer clear of the belief that someone else, somewhere else, is better qualified to know what's going on. Which isn't to say you should ignore any offers of help. But if someone's trying to force their interpretation on you, remember that you're well within your rights to, politely but firmly, set them straight on the facts. Bold is brilliant.

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November 13, 2019

There's a brilliant scene in the film Duck Soup, where Groucho Marx is looking at his reflection in a mirror. Except, his brother, Chico, who has broken the mirror, is covering up the breakage by pretending to be his reflection. Filmed in the days before special effects, Chico brilliantly emulates his brother's moves. It's made all the funnier because we know that it's going to go wrong! Following the Transit of Mercury, not only are you able to see through a charade, you'll find it amusing too.

November 12, 2019

We both know the format. You read your prediction for advice, and I provide it. You accept it. And we all live happily ever after. Well, that's the dream, anyway! Of course, sometimes you read your forecast and can't make sense of it at all. Or perhaps it feels irrelevant. Or maybe you're simply not in the mood to do what it suggests. So, how do you feel if I tell you to do nothing about anything that demands your immediate attention, today? If you can't do that, try doing 'next to nothing' instead!

November 11, 2019

Wisdom and clarity are qualities you value. Yet, you also understand that when winds of change blow up storms of doubt, we all tend to cling on to lifebuoys of assumption. Although these kind of dramatic moments are challenging, they're rich experiences that teach us about resilience. As your ruler, Mercury, transits the Sun today, it brings the perception to see how well you've coped with a challenge. It's time to raise your sails and set out with confidence; you're on the route towards treasure.

Celebrity Virgo

Beyoncé Knowles 4 September 1981

November 10, 2019

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Sports commentators often talk about the need for 'a level playing field'; it ensures fairness for both sides. For some time now, your emotional playing field has felt as if it's been located on the slopes of a particularly steep mountain. Yet this week, as your ruler transits the Sun, the cosmos is levelling things up and giving you an opportunity to enjoy a relaxed, and appreciative relationship; with some much needed light-heartedness attached to it. You're on your way to better more promising territory.

November 09, 2019

Your Week Ahead: Nihilism is a concept which believes that life is meaningless; that nothing we do has a purpose and is ultimately futile. Yet if you take any topic, and think about it long and hard enough, you'll eventually begin to see its uselessness. This week, we find you grappling with a difficult question. Yet, as your ruling planet, Mercury, spectacularly transits the Sun, it enables you to approach it with new perspective. If you find the courage to question the most probable answer, you'll uncover the solution you seek.

November 08, 2019

We should all know as much as possible about the art of 'cosmic ordering' and manifesting what we need into our lives. Like the 'law of attraction' there are all sorts of mysterious ways in which the cosmos conspires to help us. The less-fashionable word for this is 'prayer'. It doesn't matter who or what you make your requests to this weekend. As your ruler prepares to transit the face of the Sun, if you whole-heartedly ask for the help and support you require, you'll receive what you need.

November 07, 2019

'If there's a remedy when trouble strikes, what reason is there for dejection? And if there's no help for it, what use is there in being glum?' These words, by the ancient Buddhist monk, Shantideva, just go to show that people have always needed advice on how to cope when things go pear-shaped. Recently, you've had to dig extra deeply into your resources in order to cope with trying circumstances. Today, as the Minor Grand Trine reveals a positive new development, you can start to smile.