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  • (Almost) at the end of the world

    (Almost) at the end of the world

    For many centuries Patagonia was the limit of the known world. A mythical land, distant and strange, inhabited by giant beings of unknown and…

  • LA dreaming

    LA dreaming

    When Edward, the rich and handsome businessman played by Richard Gere, gets lost in the sprawling city of LA, he stops in Beverly Hills to ask the…

  • The world's best toy shops

    The world's best toy shops

    VIEW GALLERY Hamleys, LondonEstablished in 1760, the seven-storey toy shop on Regents Street is a treat for any family shopping day in the capital.…

  • Flying south for winter

    Flying south for winter

    Usually a Monarch butterfly lives for just four or five short weeks. But by some miracle of nature, the last generation of the summer may survive for…

  • Twilighting in Washington State

    Twilighting in Washington State

    VIEW GALLERY Up in the far northwest of America, on the border with Canada, the State of Washington is a land of contrasts with mountains, deserts,…

  • And the word is 'wonderful'!

    And the word is 'wonderful'!

    On-line, by phone and by text messages, thousands of people around the world have been involved in voting in this initiative launched by the…

  • Loving Las Vegas

    Loving Las Vegas

    VIEW GALLERY To the unmistakable tones of Elvis Presley the camera pans over The Strip, that most famous of avenues that begins and ends in the…

  • The natural wonders of the world

    The natural wonders of the world

    The idea of listing the wonders of the world is hardly a new thing. The historian Herodotus compiled his own list way back in the fifth century BC,…

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